Following on from the government's easing of lock-down rules in England only.

Deer stalking looks to be opening up from Wednesday 13th May.……/n…/561-update-stalking-covid-120520
Therefor some of the UKDTR tracking teams will also be available to help if needed.
Some guidance to those if you need to make a callout:
  1. please make sure you have permission to allow a tracking team onto the property with a firearm if needed.
  2. please make sure you can find a suitable postcode or address for the tracking team to meet you safely, as you will not be able to vehicle share.
  3. our tracking teams will only track according to government guidelines on meeting people not from the same household.
  4. please keep social distances at all times.
  5. each track will be done under the tracking team's discretion.
Please stay safe and keep the tracking teams safe too.
To find a number for a tracking team, Click on the link below:…
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